The “I Classici” Line - Valpolicella


Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore

In the Catholic tradition, the month devoted to reciting the Rosary is also that in which the grape harvest takes place: October. Our Valpolicella Ripasso reminds us of this coincidence on its label, because the production of this wine, which involves a brief period of drying and, subsequently, re-fermentation on the grape pomace from the Amarone, calls for a certain amount of faith, as well as on even greater care and attention than usual: it does not take much to compromise the outcome of all one’s hard work. When everything goes well, the wine that one obtains in the end is a silky, well-structured red for drinking throughout the meal, whose scents recall sweet spices and cherries preserved in alcohol.

Production zone: Marano di Valpolicella

Grapes: 60% Corvina and Corvinone, 30% Rondinella, 10% Molinara.

Production: the grapes are harvested by hand in October and left to dry slightly for about a month in well-ventilated rooms. They are then pressed, destemmed and fermented for 10-12 days at 23°C with daily automatic punching down of the cap. In the spring, the new wine is re-fermented for a few days on the grape pomace from the Amarone.

Maturation: in Slavonian oak casks for 36 months; 4 months’ bottle-ageing

Alcohol: 14.5% vol.

Service: serve it in large red wine glasses at slightly cooler than room temperature (16°-18°C)

Food pairings: Valpolicella Ripasso is a wine that is ideal for substantial everyday dishes, so it goes well with pasta with meat sauces, roast, braised or grilled red meats, and with richly flavoured cheeses.

Bottle sizes: 0.75 l. and Magnums (1.5 l).